Enrollment Information

The Union R-XI enrollment process for new families/students will be completed online, which will be completed online, using a computer, tablet, or web-browsing app on a smartphone.

Stop by the WRC (308 Hawthorne Dr.) to begin the enrollment process, and bring the following items:

1.      Birth Certificate
2.      Immunization Record
3.      For transfer students, previous school contact information
4.      Proof of residency: See Policy
5.      Proof of Parent/Legal Guardian Identification

A few things you need to know:

It is important to complete the entire online enrollment application for your child. If parents do not complete the process, their child is not actively enrolled in the district.

If you do not have access to an appropriate device, please call the school to schedule an appointment to use a district computer to complete your new enrollment or family information update. We will be happy to assist you in completing the online process if needed.


See link above!

Children must be 5 years of age before August 1st to attend kindergarten for the upcoming school year.

Parents will:

  • Register their child for kindergarten

  • Sign up for readiness screenings

  • Share information about their child's transition to kindergarten

Kindergarten Registration Documents Needed:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Parent ID

  • Proof of Residency (policy JEC)

  • Immunization Records - required at screening appointment

Admission of Resident Students

All students, five to twenty-one years of age, who reside within the boundaries of the District may attend District schools tuition-free. In order to “reside” within the District, the student must be physically domiciled within District boundaries. The domicile of a minor child is generally the domicile of the student’s parents or guardian.

A student may only register in the District if the student provides proof of residency or if the student or parent requests a waiver from the Board of Education on the basis of hardship or good cause.

If the Superintendent has reason to suspect that the admission of a student will create an immediate danger to the safety of others, a meeting will be convened. At the meeting, the District will determine how to proceed with the student enrollment.

Designated attendance areas for all schools shall be established by the Union R-XI Board of Education to make optimum use of district school facilities. Students residing within the attendance area of a school shall attend that school except as otherwise provided by the policies of the Union R-XI Board of Education.