Early Childhood Special Education

To refer your child for an Early Childhood Special Education evaluation, please contact Amy Orscheln at 636-584-0157 x 1673.

The Early Childhood Program (ECSE) is a free and public service provided by the Union R-XI School District and services children who are three years to kindergarten age with educationally disabling conditions.

Children with disabling conditions are those who demonstrate significant delays in one or more of these areas:

  • Vision

  • Hearing

  • Physical

  • Speech

  • Language

  • Cognitive functioning

  • Overall development/ adaptive

  • Rate of learning and/or

  • Social/emotional development

The Early Childhood Special Education Program seeks to identify disabilities and delays as well as strengths for children.  To be eligible for the program, children must meet specific guidelines and criteria based on screening and evaluation procedures. 

The services provided by the Union R-XI Early Childhood Special Education Program include assessment personnel, classroom teachers, speech therapists, clerical staff, occupational and physical therapists, paraprofessionals, and a nurse.  Consultant services for hearing impaired, visually impaired students are also available.