Jamie Aholt

I enjoy partnering with teachers to ensure that each student is successful in their classroom.

- Jamie Aholt, Elementary Instructional Coach

Gabi Long

I love seeing my students gain confidence and maturity!

- Gabi Long, SPED Teacher, Central Elementary

Wendi Miller

The thing I enjoy most about working in the school is watching my students learn and grow each day.

- Wendi Miller, 1st Grade Teacher, Beaufort Elementary

Derek Morgan

The best part of working in education is that no two days are the same.

- Derek Morgan, History Teacher, UHS

C Lantrip

My favorite part about working in UMS is the wonderful teachers that I get to work with daily and put in 100% for our students.

- Courtney Lantrip, 6th Gr. Math Teacher, UMS

Shannon Carico

I love working with my students every day and sharing them with my colleagues.

- Shannon Carico, Title 1 Reading Specialist, PDE

Nicole Huff

I love my job! Taking care of the kids in my building, helping them stay healthy and safe is one of the parts i enjoy the most.

- Nicole Huff, Nurse, Central Elementary

Dr. Shannon Neier

I love collaborating with teachers, families, and the SLP team to help students with speech, language, and literacy skills.

- Dr. Shannon Neier, SLP, Beaufort Elementary

Charlie Gehlauf

I love to see my former students come back and show me how what they learned in my class has helped them achieve their dreams.

- Charlie Gehlauf, Business/Marketing Instructor, UHS

Cara Pier

I love working with kids and helping them discover who they are at such a pivotal time in their lives.

- Cara Pier, Career Exploration Teacher, UMS

Jamie Higgins

It makes me happy to see our students grow and reach their goals as the years go by.

- Jamie Higgins, SPED Para, Prairie Dell Elementary

Jessica Swanner

I love that we are a family. We are there for each other and I have truly found life-long friends.

- Jessica Swanner, 1st Grade Teacher, Central Elementary

Jessica Toelke

I most enjoy building relationships with students and being a positive part of their day.

- Jessica Toelke, 2nd Grade Teacher, Beaufort Elementary

Terry Unnerstall

I love making a connection with the students and seeing that connection make a difference in their school day.

- Terry Unnerstall, SPED Para, UHS

Danielle Sachs

I love working alongside teachers and seeing the students benefit.

- Danielle Sachs, Instructional Coach/Curriculum Coordinator

Joyce Rainwater

Getting to know the students and watching them learn to build confidence in their own abilities is the most rewarding part of every day.

- Joyce Rainwater, Agriculture Teacher, UMS

Claire Alfermann

I am so grateful to have such a fun and rewarding job!

- Claire Alfermann, ESCE SLP

Jamie Garrison

Beaufort Elementary is such a supportive place no matter what you are going through. I am lucky to be part of this school family.

- Jamie Garrison, 5th Grade Teacher, Beaufort Elementary

Sam Kruse

I most enjoy getting to develop kids in the weight room and coaching sports.

- Sam Kruse, Strength & Conditioning Coach, UHS

Sara Hopper

I love getting to see and help all the kids throughout the day.

- Sara Hopper, Clerk, Central Elementary

Nichole Smith

The best part of my job is getting to know the students and building relationships with them.

- Nichole Smith, SPED Para, UMS

Jennifer Bright

The one thing I enjoy most about my job is the "lightbulb" moments when an idea or concept "clicks" with a student.

- Jennifer Bright, EC Sped Teacher, Prairie Dell Elementary

Kim LaBoube

Working in a school is rewarding, when I walk through the doors I know I am a part of the student's lives for that day.

- Kim LaBoube, Counselor, Beaufort Elementary

Paige Biser

I love helping my students and seeing them grow throughout the year!

- Paige Biser, Special Ed, Central Elementary

Lyndsey Carroll

I enjoy growing my relationship with my students and watching them flourish.

- Lyndsey Carroll, PD Kgrtn

Nathan Manhart

I love running into past students and having them tell me my class was tough, but that they are doing great in school.

- Nathan Manhart, UMS English

Tammi Palmer

I love that I get to be a part of my students' lives and to watch them continue to learn and grow.

- Tammi Palmer, K Teacher, CE

Amanda Sanders

I love the relationships I have created with the students, staff, and parents. Union is like having one big family.

- Amanda Sanders RN, BSN, UMS Nurse

Jen Kelley

I love how BE is truly a school family. The parents, teachers, and students all work together to ensure student success.

- Jen Kelley, 5th Grade Teacher, Beaufort Elementary

Lisa Kerr

What I enjoy most about my job: Helping the students and working with an amazing and fun office staff.

- Lisa Kerr, Secretary, UHS

Beth Hulsey

I love helping our kiddos learn. It's also great knowing I'm helping in building a part of their future.

- Beth Hulsey, EC Paraprofessional, Prairie Dell

Megan Meyer

What I enjoy most about my job: The relationships I make with my students and my coworkers!

- Megan Meyer, 2nd Grade Teacher, Central Elementary

Tyler Rosenthal

Working in a school is like having a second family to come to every day and rely on.

- Tyler Rosenthal. ISS Paraprofessional, SSRC

Dale Wunderlich

I love the people I work with and of course summer time.

- Dale Wunderlich, Math Teacher, UHS

Abbie Hopen

I love my school community. The students, families, and staff are all wonderful and make it a wonderful place to work.

- Abbie Hopen, 1st Grade Teacher, Prairie Dell Elementary

Erin Allen

I enjoy collaborating with the amazing SLP team as well as watching my students grow and meet their goals.

- Erin Allen, SLP, Central Elementary

Ashley Sieve

I enjoy watching the students learn new skills. We have a great team here.

- Ashley Sieve, Reading Teacher, Middle School

Emily Kania

I am extremely proud of my family.

- Emily Kania, SPED Para Beaufort Elem

Christi Blake

I most enjoy working with my students and seeing them overcome the challenges they face.

- Christi Blake, Wildcat Extension Program

Ashley Pratt

I enjoy building a classroom family and watching those relationships grow throughout the year.

- Ashley Pratt, Preschool Teacher, Beaufort

David Kemp

One thing I enjoy most about my job is my team members. Everyone is supportive and helpful.

- David Kemp, Wildcat Reach Teacher, UHS

Amy James

I enjoy building relationships with my students and love watching them grow.

- Amy James, 1st Grade Teacher, Prairie Dell

Jodi Keathley

What I most enjoy about my job is my wonderful Central family!

- Jodi Keathley, Counselor, Central Elementary

Alexa Koelling

I love getting to work with a team and I love getting to know the kids.

- Alexa Koelling, MS 6th Grade Science Teacher

Megan Gerling

I love working with the kids! I love watching them grow all through their lives.

- Megan Gerling, Beaufort Kindergarten Teacher

Jenny Bulger

What I enjoy most about my job is the relationships with students and staff.

- Jenny Bulger, UHS Science Teacher

Andy Vancil

My favorite part of my job is working with all the wonderful people in our district.

- Andy Vancil, Maintenance Dept.

SRO Dylan Callaway

I love spending time and talking with the kids. It's hard not to have a smile on your face every day.

- PD SRO Dylan Callaway

Lyndsay Douglas

I am so humbled to work with the kids to help guide their future.

- Lyndsay Douglas, 1st Grade Teacher at Central Elementary

A Vancil

The best part of my job is getting to intact with the students.

- MS SRO Austin Vancil

S Williams

I love the small community of people that work together to help just one child at a time.

- Stacey Williams, Reading Teacher at Central Elementary