Applications - Teachers

Step 1

Your application with the Union R-XI School District will remain active for twelve (12) months. You may reactivate your application for an additional year by updating your online application. If you wish to be considered for employment after one year, you must reapply.

Apply Online

Step 2

When you complete your online application via the Internet, you will receive an acknowledgment of your application via email. If you wish to expedite the completion of your application file, you may also submit additional information in the form of:

  • Missouri Teaching Certification or Verification of Eligibility (photo copies accepted)

  • College transcripts (photo copies accepted)

  • Placement credentials or two (2) letters of reference

  • Current resume

Step 3

Many factors are considered in advancing applications in the selection process. You may be contacted to supply additional data to assist in the screening and processing of your application.

You may view vacancies anytime by visiting our "Employment Opportunities" online.

Step 4

When principals are ready to interview candidates for a position, they will consult the Human Resources department. First round interviews typically include a member of the Human Resources department, as well as the building administration. Second round interviews often involve teachers, counselors and/or other staff members from the respective building. Additionally, the second round typically includes a performance event where the candidate gets the opportunity to teach a lesson to students.  

Step 5

After the successful candidate has been selected, a recommendation will be sent to Human Resources for a final review of certification, credentials, and reference checks. The successful candidate will be notified by district administration who will be contacting them to make the official offer. If the finalist accepts the offer, a recommendation will be made to the Board of Education to hire the teacher at the next available Board meeting. Unsuccessful candidates who interview for the position will be notified thanking them for their interest and letting them know that the position has been filled. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Director of Human Resources, Dr. Justin Tarte, at with questions. Thank you for your interest in the Union R-XI School District.