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Dr. Kendra Fennessey 

Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Union R-XI School District Title I Parental Involvement Policy

The purpose of the Title I Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 is to provide funding to ensure that all children, regardless of their economic background, have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and state academic assessments. This purpose can be accomplished by ensuring that high-quality academic assessments, accountability systems, teacher preparation and training, curriculum, and instructional materials are aligned with challenging State academic standards so that students, teachers, parents, and administrators can measure progress against common expectations for student academic achievement.within the Union R-XI School District annually receive Title I funding to help support reading and math programs. Resources are provided on this site to guide parents and guardians through the District Title I Policies and Procedures, as well as to inform them of their rights and ways to get involved in developing an educational partnership to support their child’s educational progress.

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Family Involvement Plans

Central Elementary Family Involvement Plan 23-24

Prairie Dell Elementary Family Involvement Plan 23-24

Beaufort Elementary Family Involvement Plan 23-24

ESSA Parent Involvement Policy

Central Elementary Parent Involvement Policy

Prairie Dell Elementary Parent Involvement Policy

Beaufort Elementary Parent Involvement Policy

ESEA Consolidated School Level Plan

Central Elementary Title I Schoolwide Program Plan

Prairie Dell Elementary Title I Schoolwide Plan

Beaufort Elementary Title I Schoolwide Plan

Parents' Right To Know HQT and Para Qualifications

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Our district is required to inform you of information that you, according to the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (Public Law 114-95), have the right to know. Upon your request, our district is required to provide to you in a timely manner, the following information:

  • Whether your student’s teacher has met State qualification and licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction.

  • Whether your student’s teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status through which State qualification or licensing criteria have been waived.

  • Whether your student’s teacher is teaching in the field of discipline of the certification of the teacher.

  • Whether your child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their qualifications.

In addition to the information that parents may request, a building receiving Title I.A funds must provide to each individual parent:

  • Information on the level of achievement and academic growth of your student, if applicable and available, on each of the State academic assessments required under Title I.A.

  • Timely notice that your student has been assigned, or has been taught for 4 or more consecutive weeks by, a teacher who has not met applicable State certification or licensure requirements at the grade level and subject area in which the teacher has been assigned.

Our staff is committed to helping your child develop the academic knowledge and critical thinking he/she needs to succeed in school and beyond. That commitment includes making sure that all of our teachers and paraprofessionals are highly skilled. If you would like to request any of the above information, please contact the principal at your child's school. Additionally, you may contact your child's teacher directly regarding your child's academic progress.


Dr. Kendra Fennessey

Assistant Superintendent of Schools

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Parent Survey Link will be activated in March, 2024

All elementary schools within the Union R-XI School District annually receive Title I funding under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Federal Legislation, to help support reading and math programs. 


As a part of this federal program, parents and guardians are asked to complete the Title I Parent Evaluation Survey to gather information to help each school and the district improve Title I instruction and programs.


In March there will be a link to click and complete the Title I Parent Evaluation Survey.  We appreciate your willingness to provide us with valuable information by completing the Title I Parent Evaluation Survey. 

Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education Every Student Succeeds Act Complaint Procedures - Posted 09/20/17

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Parent Information and Resource Center (PIRC)

PIRCs generally develop resource materials and provide information about

PIRCs help implement successful and effective parental involvement policies, programs, and activities that lead to improvements in student academic achievement, and that strengthen partnerships among parents, teachers, principals, administrators, and other school personnel in meeting the education needs of children; and to assist parents to communicate effectively with teachers, principals, counselors, administrators, and other school personnel.

The Parental Information and Resource Center (PIRC) program is funded by the US Department of Education, established to provide training, information, and support to parents and individuals who work with local parents, districts, and schools that receive Title I.A funds high quality family involvement programs to families, schools, school districts, and others through conferences, workshops, and dissemination of materials.  Projects generally include a focus on serving parents of low-income, minority, and limited English proficient (LEP) children enrolled in elementary and secondary schools.

Missouri has two PIRCs - one in St. Louis and one in Springfield.