The Winner is!

The Union R-XI Foundation Grant Committee met and reviewed the submitted applications. Below are this year's winners!

Amy Kindel (PD) - Document Camera
Krystal Morgan (PD) - Classroom Library
Carolyn Bocklage (PD) - Light Covers, Flexible Seating
Stacy Titter (CE) - ELA Manipulatives
Krista Fox (PD) - Flexible Seating
Shannon Hayes (PD) - Flexible Seating
Sheila Baer (BE) - Xyloba Marble Runs
Hannah McBride (PD) - Sensory Kits and Supplies
Sam Missey (CE) - Flexible Seating
Dawn Harris (CE) - Bella Rosie Literature Set
Sam Sokolowski (CE) - Bella Rosie Literature Set
Stacey Williams (CE) - Bella Rosie Literature Set
Denice Sachs (BE) - Sensory Materials
Deb Etter (PD) - Surf Desks & Storage Rack
Christine Wood (CE) - Reading Benches