Prairie Dell Elementary Counselor

Megan Griffin

Ext 1304

Mrs. Griffin

Hi! My name is Megan Griffin, and I am the counselor at Prairie Dell Elementary! I am so excited to serve our students, and love getting to know each and every one. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Meet Daisy Mae!

We are excited to offer our students the benefit of a therapy dog, Daisy Mae, at Prairie Dell Elementary.

Daisy will be working with Mrs. Griffin to provide comfort and support to students. Daisy is a 50 pound goldendoodle (75% poodle, 25% golden retriever), so she is considered a hypoallergenic pet. Daisy Mae is certified through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. PDE will be following all of the ATD safety and health protocols. For more information on Daisy Mae, or questions please do not hesitate to call the school at 636-583-1200.


Counseling Lesson Schedule

September - Intro Lessons, Get to Know Your Counselor

Prevent Ed lessons

October - Bullying Unit

Prevent Ed Lessons

November - Skills for Learning and Empathy Unit

CAC Presentations

December - Skills for Learning and Empathy Unit

Compass - "Be Cool" Presentations

January - Empathy and Emotion Management Unit

February - Empathy and Emotion Management Unit

March - Empathy and Emotion Management Unit

April - Problem Solving Unit, Map prep

May -Map Testing

Counseling Resources

Counseling Curriculum